Larry's Incredible Paranormal / Ghost Pics!

Paranormal Images by "Larry"

Introducing the Incredible Paranomal Images of "Larry C."

There are several images on this page...and it may take a couple of
minutes to download them. However...I believe you may not mind
the wait once you get to see them.
If you think you are going to see boring, hard to see, average orb pics, think again!
Larry and his lovely Wife continue to capture AMAZING images night after night.
Their Ghost / Spirit photography is by FAR some of the best I have seen!
He resides in Southern Missouri, and most of the images on this page were
taken at various cemeteries around the area.

If you wish to contact Larry in reference to his photography and the equipment he uses you can at the link below.

Please remember that these images are copyrighted materials that may not be used on
any other website or for any other purpose without our permission.
With that said....enjoy the images.

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